Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Room 212's Society

Wow! There was some learnin' goin' on today in Room 212! Instead of ME telling you what we did, I am going to let the pictures speak for themselves. Then, for 5 bonus points, YOU can leave a comment that talks about what we did in class & what you learned. Remember to finish your irony worksheets for class tomorrow :)

Hagan & Mary trying to get everyone to listen to the "Council."

The leaders from first period getting down to business.

Is someone rebelling?

Second period, trying to sort through the chaos.

Do I see a leader?

Is everyone being heard?

The first leaders in 4th period.

Cody, bound and determined to be a hunter.

"The Gatherers" from 4th period discussing their duties.


  1. Today in class we had to create a society. First, we elected a president to control things. Well at first it was all good, but then towards the middle it started to change. A few people were contributing, but a lot of people weren't getting a chance to contrubite. I learned that everybody should have a chance to say what they could contrubite to the society. Also, if the wrong people are in charge then the democracy could turn into a dictatorship.
    -Cody Penrod

  2. Today, we had to pretend that we were creating a society. Our class had to elect leaders to control the society so it was under control. at first, not alot of people wanted to be leader, but after awhile, some people stepped up and decided to be apart of a council of leaders. We had people hunt and gather food, get supplies, and make shelter for everyone. I learned that in order to have a successful society, we had to work together and follow through with our jobs. We also learned that if you want to be a leader, you had to go with how you felt would help the society that you were in!

    -Charlie F.

  3. Today we had a discussion about creating a society. We had to elect a leader that would control the society. Not a lot of people wanted to be leader at first so we decided to make a council. There was about 5 people on the council, but even though we didn't elect a leader we did have one person who ended up taking control. After figuring that all out we assigned jobs and made laws. During this process I learned that in order to have a good working society you have to work together. Also if you want something to change you need to speak up and not just sit there.

    ~Caitlin Seitz~

  4. today in class we had to create a society out in the wilderness after our plane wrecked and we wouldnt be rescued for one year. So what my group did was elected leaders then we choose jobs and some laws. but what we learned is that as a leader you need to keep everyone happy because if you dont they might rebel against you and leave your society. We also learned that their would need to be laws and cosequences for breaking the laws or else everyone could do what ever they felt like doing, and get away with stealing, killing, etc.

    -Josh Winhoven

  5. We learned today that it is hard to set up a society with semi-close friends from nothing. After talks about building a big sled and sledding down the mountain to some kind of village, our class tried to set up council, since we were not organized enough for a democracy, no one wanted to be a dictator, and no one brought up an idea of communism. We had one law: do not kill unless someone has broken the law. We said nothing about stealing, rigging decisions, or vandalism.

    -Isaac Elston

  6. We learnt about how to work together. We also learnt that if you pick to have a council, there will always be one person that is the leader. Like one person to take charge. (MARY) :). I think that was fun and we should do it again.

    ohh yeah we " Also hade ice cream and cake!!!" ha : )

    -Elizabeth Murphy

  7. Awesome participation, guys! Thank you so much for making this activity a success. I hope that you use this information in your future lives. Remember to make your voice heard!