Friday, March 11, 2011

Friday, March 11th

Today in class we discussed synthesizing information. Here are a few notes about our discussion:

Key Questions:
What does it mean to synthesize information?
     - When you gather information and come to your own conclusions
Where can you use this skill in your daily life?]
     - Rumors, Food choices, News shows
How can you synthesize the information on the survey to create a character and a story?
     -Use the answers to come up with different events in a story and details about a character

After you are given a survey that is not your own, you will read over the answers your partner wrote down. Think about them. What sticks out as interesting and unique? Now comes the fun part. You get to be creative! You will use the character you created and write a short story based on that character.

Ok, so… what does a short story have? Does anyone remember the rap song?(remind me to play link!)
-        Plot
-        Character
-        Conflict
-        Theme
-        Setting

*Practice your best "gangsta lean" as you watch this video about short stories!

Your story must have all of these! Now, the question you have all been dying to ask…
How long does it have to be? At least three (3) solid paragraphs.

Your story must also start with, "Once upon a time...."

Be creative! These stories are due Monday, and we will be sharing them in class.

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