Monday, March 14, 2011

Monday, March 14th

Today in class we discussed advertisements, persuasion techniques and propaganda. You need to get the notes over the rhetorical triangle (click there to check out the powerpoint we used in our discussion) from someone in class. We also worked on a vocabulary worksheet for Animal Farm chapters 1-3. You need to add a few things to this worksheet: 1) You may not use a dictionary on questions 1-8 on the front. 2) You need to tell me the part of speech for each word 1-8 on the back matching section. 3) You need to add a part three. For part three, you need to write one sentence for each vocabulary word that includes context clues. Show me that you know what the word means!

We will be starting Animal Farm in class tomorrow. For two points bonus - be the first person to tell me the author of Animal Farm.

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