Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Poe Web Activity

Use this website to answer the following questions about Edgar Allan Poe.

Copy and past these questions onto a seperate word document. At the end of class, print out a version with your answers.

1. What were some of the main topics that Poe wrote about? Based on what we learned in the skit, did his life have anything to do with this? Why or why not?

2. Go to the biography section of the site. Give two facts that you learned about Poe that we did not discuss in our skit.

3. Go to the quotes section. Please copy and paste one of Poe's quotes that appeals to you. What do you think it means?

4. Go to the summaries section of the site. Choose two of Poe's works. Do you see any themes in common in them? What are those themes? Why do you think he wrote about these things so often?

5. Go to the poems section of the site. Choose one poem. Summarize that poem and give your reaction. Did you like the poem or connect with it? Why or why not?

6. Go to the forum section of the website. Under the topic "Are true artists irritable?" leave a comment. Copy and paste your comment here.

7. Go to the gallery section of the site. Then click on the gallery that will show you Poe's home. IS this what you imagined his home looking like? Why or why not? Then check out photos of his grave. Is this what you would expect Poe's grave to look like? Why or why not?

8. Go to the timeline section of the site. Copy and paste one fact that sticks out to you. Why are you interested in this fact? (For example, I was shocked to see that Thomas Jefferson was alive during this time.. I thought he was much younger than that!)

9. Go to the word list. Copy and paste three words here, and put the definitions of those words into your own terms. Tell me what that word means today, if anything.

10. For 5 pts. bonus, go to the contact section. Ask the author of the site any questions that seem relevant to you or your interest in Poe. Copy and paste that correspondence here!

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