Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If you were absent Wednesday, Jan. 12th...

English 9B: Today we checked vocab unit 10, if you need to have this graded please come see me for a pass to come during advisory or stop in after school. We also talked about citations and will be starting our paper for Animal Farm very soon.

Gothic lit:Today we finished Psycho. You will be starting on your scene writing tomorrow so bring any materials you think you may need. What an ending!

English 9A: Today we continued working in our clause packet. We finished Adverb clauses, and you need to finish the noun clauses for homework. We also graded unit 5 in vocab, and if you were not here or did not have it done you need to see me asap to get that grade up. We also read parts of mango street and continued looking for a theme.

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