Wednesday, November 10, 2010

If you were absent Wednesday, November 10th...

English 9:
Today we checked vocab review unit 1-3 (starts on pg. 42). You need to show this to me so that I can give you a grade.

We also had time in class to make flashcards for the final. The words that may be on your final are the first ten from every unit, which means there are a total of 90 words. Each flaschard must have the word, the part of speech and the definition. If you choose to do these cards, they are due during the week of finals and they are for 15 points extra credit (this could really help on your final!).

Gothic Lit:
Today in class we watched War of the Worlds, a story by H. G. Wells. We will be working a lot with H.G. Wells this week - see me if you have any questions.

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