Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thursday, May 5th

Today we....
1. Finished listening to Act 2 in Romeo and Juliet. It's getting intense! We are about to witness the marriage of our favorite star-crossed lovers in Act 3 :)
2. We finished our Study Guide for Act 2 and discussed the answers. Please be sure whenever I ask you for a passage, that you mark these specifically, using the citations I taught you (2.2.37 is Act 2, Scene 2, Line 37).
3. You will have a quiz over Act 2 TOMORROW!!
4. For homework, other than studying for the quiz, you need to write the first half of your Dear Abby Letter. Depending on if you were a number one or number two, you need to choose a character from either the Montague family or the Capulet family. Then you need to write a letter from the point of view of whatever character you chose to Abby, asking for advice. For example, you could write the letter from the point of view of Rosaline, describing to Abby that you have decided to not get married and lots of people are not happy with your decision. This letter needs to be at least two paragraphs and is due tomorrow.

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